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Missed! (Short Story)


Title : Missed!

Author : Tari Khasbie (stranger197_)

Language : Bahasa Indonesia

Genre : Relationship, Love, Drama, & Friendship

Type : Short Story

Casts :

  • Jessica Jung as Park Soo-Yeon (Jessica)
  • Kim Tae-Yeon as Kim Tae-Rin
  • Lee Sun-Kyu as Lee Shun-Gui
  • Tiffany Hwang as Stefanie Hwang
  • Kim Hyo-Yeon as Nicole Kim
  • Kwon Yu-Ri as Megan Kwon
  • Choi Soo-Young as Summer Choi
  • Im Yoona as Im Yuna
  • Seo Joo-Hyun as Seo Yeon-Hee
  • Kim So-Hyun as Arinda Yudhistira
  • Madeon as Hugo
  • Tanner Chance (Greyson Chance’s brother) as Tanner (Gray’s brother)
  • Krystal Jung as Christine Park

(A/N) this story has dedicated for Jessica Jung (Ex-Member of Girls’ Generation). This story has published by Azizah Publisher in Short Story Anthalogy in 2016 (kalo gak salah judul bukunya ‘Prince Charming’) Continue reading “Missed! (Short Story)”

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Fly High (Short Story English Version)

Title : Fly High (Inspired from ‘I’ song by Tae-yeon Girls’ Generation)

Author : Tari Khasbie (stranger197_)

Genre : Dream, Relationship, and Wish

Type : Short Story

Language : English

Cast :

  • Kim Tae-yeon as Im Tae-yeon
  • Dakota Johnson as Dakota Brenner
  • Hayley Kiyoko as Sarah Brown
  • DJ Zedd as Dylan McGarry
  • Sunny SNSD as Lee Sun-Kyu
  • Anthony Kohecny as Angus Sampson

Continue reading “Fly High (Short Story English Version)”